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Why Taylor Swift Isn’t Going to Super bowl 2024 as …



Sure! Meanwhile, Tayvis fans have already mapped the route and schedule for how Swift can make it to Las Vegas for the Super Bowl on Feb. 11 after departing Tokyo on Feb. 10. Also, Kelce’s brother Jason Kelce is now referring to Swift as a member of the family. “We had the whole family down on the field. We had me, Mom, Dad and Taylor. Everybody was down there,” he said on last week’s episode of New Heights. Travis Kelce responded: “The only people that mattered,” he said. “Our family, friends and the people that came on the f–king flight with us, dude.” Also also, the couple has now said “I love you,” likely multiple times. Big week. We wish them all the best in their teen drama romance of dreams — even if they won’t be sitting Grammys-side together this year.

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