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Tyreek Hill’s suffering at the hands of Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce: It was tough




Kansas City Chiefs
Tyreek Hill’s suffering at the hands of Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce: It was tough
Joined the Miami Dolphins in 2022

Actualizado 22/04/2024 11:44 CEST
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In a blockbuster trade in March 2022, Tyreek Hill left the Kansas City Chiefs for the Miami Dolphins, and it seems to have been a win-win for both sides. The 8-time Pro Bowler had been unhappy with his salary in Kansas City and the move to Miami allowed him to secure a massive four-year, $120 million contract, making him the highest-paid wide receiver in the NFL.

Since joining the Dolphins, Hill has continued to perform at an elite level, recording consecutive 1,700+ yard seasons. Last year, he had a career-best season, amassing 1,799 receiving yards. Hill was on pace for a historic 2,000-yard season before an ankle injury sidelined him. However, despite his success in Miami, watching his former team win Super Bowl 57 was tough for Hill. In a recent appearance on the Million Dollars Worth of Game podcast, he admitted that missing out on adding a Lombardi Trophy to his accolades was difficult.

Hill also revealed that he was rooting for the Chiefs when they faced the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl 58, showing that his affection for his former team still runs deep.

“The first year that they went, me and my wife, we took a trip to Tokyo because it was kind of hard for me,” Hill said.

“I don’t want to look at no game, I don’t want to look at nothing. She was like ‘Babe, let’s just go to Tokyo, let’s just get away from it and let’s do our thing.’

“The second year, this year when they won, I watched the whole game.

“I was like ‘Y’all gotta win this thing.’ You feel me? I’m cool now. But the first year it was kind of hard, trying to get over that hump of seeing the guys do their thing out there.”

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