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Travis Kelce Shares “Golden Rule” for Joining Taylor Swift on Stage at Eras Tour



Travis Kelce Shares "Golden Rule" for Joining Taylor Swift on Stage at Eras Tour

Travis Kelce detailed what he thought as he carried Taylor Swift across the Eras Tour stage during his June 23 London appearance.Travis Kelce Shares "Golden Rule" for Joining Taylor Swift on Stage at Eras Tour



Travis Kelce recently shared the one thing he told himself over and over when he took the Eras Tour stage June 23 for a cameo in which he carried girlfriend Taylor Swift down the catwalk.


“The one thing I told myself was ‘Do not drop the baby,’” he explained to brother Jason Kelce on the July 3 episode of their New Heights podcast. “‘Do not drop Taylor on your way over to this damn couch.’”


He stressed, “The golden rule was ‘Do not drop Taylor, get her to the couch safe.’”


Travis related his thought process to the mantra of one of his old coaches, Eric Bieniemy, as he held his own delicate cargo, relating Taylor to the importance of a football during games.


“‘That ball has our dreams, goals and aspirations,’” he imitated. “‘You do not drop that ball.’”
In addition to likening the “Karma” singer to the most important thing in his own career, Travis also noted the energy of being on the Eras Tour stage was comparable to scoring at Arrowhead Stadium.


“I would say that the touchdown cheers last a little longer,” he noted. “But when everyone found out it was me, that moment was pretty jarring. I was like, ‘Oh s–t.’”


And while Travis’ appearance was to “revive” Taylor after she performed “The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived,” he admitted it was hard not to feel like one when he took the stage.


“You don’t realize how big that damn stage is,” he emphasized. “It is easily as big as a football stadium. It’s almost like numbers to numbers. It’s way bigger than I ever could have imagined. So being on the stage, I was like ‘Man I feel tiny up here.’”


Ultimately, Travis didn’t turn into a modern idiot on stage, and he was happy he didn’t make Taylor look like a foolish one, either.
“It was awesome,” he gushed. “And I didn’t disappoint Taylor, so that’s all that really matters. ‘Travis do not f–k this up’ That was my number one goal. ‘Do not drop Taylor, do not f–k this up.’”


Indeed, Travis did not disappoint Taylor for his big Eras Tour entrance. In fact, the 14-time Grammy winner took to Instagram to rave over how well his surprise appearance turned out.


“I’m still cracking up/swooning over @killatrav’s Eras Tour debut,” she wrote in a June 24 post. “Never going to forget these shows.”


And while the blokes warm the benches, Taylor and Travis continue to be on a winning streak with their romance. Keep reading for everything to know about their relationship.



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