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The NFL legend is set to make commentator debut this upcoming season Tom Brady makes his debut



It’s Tom Brady time in the NFL but it won’t be on the field, this time he will take his knowledge of the game to the broadcast booth for FOX. Greg Olson was the color commentary guy for the companys main team for the premier games, but for this upcoming season there will be a change.

Once Tom Brady signed a deal with FOX Sports, Olson knew he wouldnt be in the booth for long. Now the question is whether the multi-Super Bowl winning quarterback can be equally as great analyzing games.

Two woman that have been around enough to know what needs to be done on camera for an NFL broadcast, talked about the situation. Charissa Thompson and Erin Andrews were on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” and were asked about the topic.

“I’ve sat with him at lunch before and he’s been telling stories about his career,” Andrews said. “And it’s stuff we just die for. Love the inside information. And you are just hearing stuff that you’ve just always wanted to know.”

Erin will work on the same broadcast team that Tom Brady, as she will be the regular sideline reporter, as she will continue with her role as sideline reporter. In her mind, the addition of Tom Brady to the team will be one that people will enjoy from their home.

Along with Andrews, Brady will have play-by-play man Kevin Burkhardt on the broadcasts. Their first game will be September 8th when the Dallas Cowboys face the Cleveland Browns.


Can Tom Brady be like Tony Romo on the broadcasts?

Tony Romo, the former Cowboys quarterback, has been money on the CBS’ NFL broadcasts, predicting plays, analyzing them and also being funny alongside Jim Nantz. Tom Brady, in essence, is his competitions and will be graded as soon as he starts speaking on the booth.

“His resume supports that he is great at everything he does, so why would this be any different,” Charissa Thompson added during the conversation.

Even Brady assessed his new role when he spoke with Front Office Sports in March. “I believe I can provide a pretty unique perspective that I think a lot of people will really like. It’s going to be a lot of hard work. It’s going to be a lot of fun. It’s always about challenging yourself to grow in different areas. And this is certainly one way that I’m doing it.”

Brady signed a 10-year, $375 million deal with FOX in May 2022, but some felt the former Patriots and Buccaneers quarterback would never step into the broadcasting role.

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