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Taylor Swift’s unveiled that the new album “Tortured Poets” was leaked but it was half.



The frenzy surrounding Taylor Swift’s new album “The Tortured Poets Department” kicked off a day early, as the singer became one of the most recent victims of a song leak.

What was purported to be the entire album spread online Thursday, origin unknown. Some fans spent the day refusing to listen to the 17 illicit tracks. Others were fooled by artificial intelligence-generated fakes, or frustrated by social media sites that seemed to delete leaked tracks as soon as they were posted. Countless others found and devoured the runaway songs. Premature reviews and amateur analyses of the album flooded fan sites despite pleas from devoted Swifties to wait for the official release.

Maybe they should have. Swift dropped “Tortured Poets” as planned at midnight, which confirmed that the leaked tracks were indeed real. But two hours later, she made the surprise announcement that it was actually a double album and released another 15 tracks. The leak was barely half the album.

Was this a win or loss for Swift? It’s hard to say. It was at least the fourth leak of her music in a decade, despite her efforts to quash the phenomenon. But a leak today might mean something very different than it did before the advent of the streaming age.

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