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Taylor Swift’s safety was Travis Kelce’s top priority during Eras Tour performance: ‘Do not drop the baby’



Taylor Swift's safety was Travis Kelce's top priority during Eras Tour performance: 'Do not drop the baby'

Being an NFL tight end translates quite nicely into being the boyfriend of a pop superstar. It all comes down to protecting the most coveted asset.Taylor Swift's safety was Travis Kelce's top priority during Eras Tour performance: 'Do not drop the baby'


Last month, Travis Kelce took his ball security prowess and fancy footwork with him as he ventured onto girlfriend Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour stage.


Surprising fans in London, Kelce revealed how everything came together on the season 2 finale of his podcast “New H”On night three, something magical happened,” Jason said. “Somehow, you made your way onto the Eras stage.”



“It’s very unlike me,” Travis quipped, laying on the sarcasm. “I don’t love going on stages.eights,” which he co-hosts with brother and former NFL center Jason Kelce.
“I initially mentioned it to Tay. I was like, ‘How funny would it be if I just rolled out on one of the bikes during the ’1989′ era?'” he explained to Jason. “She started laughing, and she was like, ‘Would you seriously be up for doing something like that?’ And I was just like, ‘Are you — what? I would love to do that. Are you kidding me?’ I’ve seen the show enough. Might as well put me to work here.’


“She found the perfect, perfect part of the show for me to come in. There was no bike, in case I like ran into somebody else or hit one of the dancers or anything. It was like the safest option.”


“[They] are trying to bring Tay back to life, right? Trying to bring her back to life and get her ready to perform the rest of the show, so to speak. Knowing that she ‘Can Do It With A Broken Heart,’” Travis said, referencing Swift’s popular track off her latest album.


“I didn’t disappoint Taylor. So, that’s all that really matters,” he said.

Later in the podcast episode, Travis alluded to more potential appearances.


“Shoutout to Tay for letting me jump on the stage with her. Who knows? Might not be the last time. You guys will have to keep showing up to these — the Eras Tour — to see if I pop out of the stage or what not,” he told listeners.
Swift is on the international leg of her tour. Her last two cities — London and Dublin — have been popular among the stars. Celebrities including Hugh Grant, Tom Cruise, Ashton Kutcher, Stevie Nicks and Julia Roberts have been recent attendees in the VIP tent.


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