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Taylor Swift’s Mom, Andrea, Cries In The Front Row As Her Daughter Receives Artist Of The Decade At AMAs



Taylor Swift’s mom Andrea cried tears of joy and pride at the 2019 AMAs, as her daughter was named Artist of the Decade & gave a moving song medley performance.
Andrea Swift, 61, couldn’t have been more proud of her daughter Taylor Swift, 29, as she was honored as Artist of the Decade at the 2019 American Music Awards. She was shown in the front row seated in between her husband Scott and Taylor’s close pal Selena Gomez, 27, as Taylor belted out a medley of her hits, ending with the gorgeous “Lover” which Tay performed on the piano. When she was done the camera showed Andrea beaming with tears running down her face, melting the hearts of Swifties everywhere seeing Andrea in the front row being able to watch her daughter perform was enough for most of Taylor’s fans. Andrea has been battling cancer and the fact that she was healthy enough to be present Nov. 24 in the audience at L.A.’s Microsoft Theater to watch her daughter’s big moment was enough to make fans themselves cry! Taylor wrote a deeply personal song “Soon You’ll Get Better,” off her album Lover about her mom’s health crisis.

Seeing Andrea cry tears of joy watching her uber-talented daughter go through songs such as “The Man,” “Love Story,” “Trouble,” ” Shake It Off,” and “Lover” that spanned her career moved Swifties big time, especially with her mom’s reaction. Fan Taylor Banks tweeted, “I was not ready for the emotional reaction I just had to see Taylor Swift’s mom sitting front row. #AMAs,” while user JJ Ryan wrote, “All The Feels! Even @taylorswift13’s mom was crying after that performance. WTG @taylorswift13! She so deserves this so much, especially after the crap she’s been through lately. #AMAs.” User Hannah tweeted, “@taylorswift13’s mom cries and thus it begins. I’m so proud of Taylor. Who’s Taylor Swift anyway. Well, the freaking ama artist of the decade.”

During her acceptance speech, Taylor explained how her parents Andrea and Scott’s taste in music ended up helping her dream of becoming a songwriter. Legendary singer/songwriter Carole King, 77, presented her with the award and Taylor revealed how her parents both had her albums, and when they married had them in their home introduced Carole’s classic albums like 1971’s Tapestry to Taylor and her brother. That made the future superstar want to create music that would tell stories through music and live forever, as Carole’s music did. Which made Andrea tear up and cry again! She won the award for proudest parent of the evening for sure.

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