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Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce and the dawn of the ‘hard launch summer’



Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce and the dawn of the 'hard launch summer'

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are together-together. And by that we mean she’s finally posting photos of him on her Instagram grid. They haven’t shied away from PDA before – but this is different.Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce and the dawn of the 'hard launch summer'


This period is what’s commonly known as the “hard launch”: The time when a couple says, “You know what? Yes, we are together, and we don’t care who knows it!” Of course, when it comes to celebrities, everyone combs through dozens of breadcrumbs trying to find proof about their lives the second a rumor hits the tabloids. So it’s that much more serious when a celebrity posts, or in Swift’s case, also brings him on stage with her during her Eras tour.


And it’s not just Swift and Kelce – pop star Sabrina Carpenter decided to feature rumored beau (well, not so rumored) Barry Keoghan in her most recent music video for No. 1 hit “Please Please Please.” Plus, Keoghan is following only one person on Instagram: Carpenter.


We are in the era of the “hard launch summer,” and therapists say celebrities have myriad reasons for pulling that proverbial trigger. But whether it’s a carefully curated moment or an impulsive expression of love, you can’t unring that bell.

“Every aspect of the relationship can become fodder for public consumption and scrutiny, putting a spotlight on the couple and creating pressure to be seen as a healthy match,” says Jeff Guenther, licensed professional counselor and author of “Big Dating Energy.” “You’re also leaving yourself open to increased criticism.”


Is Taylor Swift ‘feeling more secure’ with Travis Kelce?

The butterflies in your stomach. The large lump in your throat. The unsexy sweat dripping from your forehead. Dating is tricky no matter who you are, especially early on until you decide to start telling people. Multiply that by a lot and you may find yourself empathizing with celebrities.


“When we introduce someone as our partner, there is an expectation that we’ve vetted this person,” says Kimberly Vered Shashoua, a licensed clinical social worker who who often works with people in their first relationships. “It can be embarrassing to have to go back to friends, family and Instagram and update them with a breakup.” Think about all the couples, celebrity or otherwise, who never announce a thing. Often, it’s a matter of self-preservation.


“People with critical friends and family are more likely to want to keep their relationship on the down low,” Shashoua says. “Taylor Swift has written songs about her breakups, leading some outlets to make nasty comments. I can understand why Taylor hasn’t wanted outlets that claim she ‘can’t keep a man’ to comment on her newest relationship.”


Have her feelings changed about how much she wants to share on social media? Who can say for sure, but “it could be because she is becoming more comfortable with fame, and/or becoming more confident in herself and is caring less about what people think,” says Cecille Ahrens, a licensed clinical social worker. “Or it could also be possible that the shift is because she is feeling more secure in this relationship


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