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Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce ‘might be perfect for each other’, says Chiefs star’s friend Pat McAfee – after pop star released ‘So High School’ song about him: ‘Two greats in love, that’s good for society



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Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce ‘might be perfect for each other,’ said Travis’ friend Pat McAfee after the release of her double album ‘The Tortured Poets Department’ and a particularly Travis-centric song.

Of the 31 songs on the album, the track ‘So High School’ has brought added attention to the couple’s relationship with its apparent references to Travis.’I am so happy. Because, since the very beginning, I was like, ‘these two might be perfect for each other,” he said on his eponymous ‘Pat McAfee Show.’

McAfee added that Kelce had ‘changed the course of pop culture forever’ in evidently inspiring Swift to write about him. He also suggested that Kelce’s position as a tight end – rather than being the face of a franchise as a quarterback – made him well-equipped to be the less famous person in the relationship.

In ‘So High School,’ Swift appears to reference Kelce with lyrics such as, ‘Truth, dare, spin bottles/You know how to ball, I know Aristotle.’

Swift also sings ‘I feel like laughin’ in the middle of practice/To that impression you did of your dad again,’ and also appears to shout out Kelce’s old friends in saying, ‘Touch me while your bros play Grand Theft Auto.’

That’s a beautiful thing,’ McAfee said of the lyric while adding that ‘two greats in love’ was ‘good for society.’

After the release of the song, Kelce seemed to subtly hint that it was in fact about him – with a very telling social media post coming from his New Heights podcast. The New Heights social media account shared a hilarious old clip on Friday night of Travis and older brother Jason doing an impression of their father, Ed, which was referenced in the song.

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