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Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are fresh off a romantic vacation in Italy, and in case you want more proof that they’re in love / mutually obsessed, a body language expert has entered the chat.



Blanca Cobb analyzed Taylor and Travis’ vibes in Lake Como, and told The Sun “These two want to be next to each other.” Which, yes. The photos make that much clearer!

But speaking specifically of these pics taken of them walking arm-in-arm, Cobb said “With couples, you want an emotional connectedness and a physical connectedness. Her left shoulder is right underneath his right armpit. They’re seamed at the side. That’s a really good sign.”

“He has his arm draped casually across her back, with his right hand on her shoulder. And then she’s grasping his hand that’s lying on her shoulder. That’s good,” Cobb continued. “This means both of them want to be physically connected — and they are. When you love somebody and you’re feeling that love at the moment, you find ways to touch it. They’re physically right beside each other but they’re still touching one another. Their bodies are pretty much joined at the side as they’re walking. With time, you would expect a couple to get more relaxed with each other, but I still think that they’re very affectionate.”

Cobb also noted that Travis’ body language is protective, explaining that “taking that step forward in front of her is something I would imagine he does subconsciously. He doesn’t even realize that he’s doing it half the time.”

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