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Simone Biles Sticks to Xfinity Championship Prep as Husband Jonathan Owens Relishes Must-See Experience



After crossing the hurdle of Core Hydration Classic 2024, Simone Biles is looking forward to heading to Fort Worth for the Xfinity US Gymnastics Championships from May 30 to June 2. The gymnastics contest will provide the entrance ticket for the US Olympic trial, scheduled for June 22 in Minnesota. Simone Biles is set to make her third Olympic appearance at the Paris Olympics, with no signs of stopping until she secures gold in the all-around event. And Jonathan Owens’ presence alongside has worked pivotal for her

However, the U.S. Classic remained Biles’ comeback after a short breather since the World Artistic Gymnastics Championship last year. But her victory over names like Suni Lee and Jade Carey proved her preparation level, eyeing the Parisian contest. Recently, she was seen in the World Champions Centre sweating in her preparation for the Xfinity challenge. Her IG story displayed the empty apparatuses when Simone was taking her break in the fence line. Meanwhile, her husband Jonathan Owens was seen on the Indy 500 race track, savoring the experience firsthand. The excitement touched him deeply as he claimed to grow his interest in the racing world.

However, in his IG post, the NFL Safety could be seen posing in front of a gigantic Olympic sign kept by NBC promoting their broadcasting of the Paris Olympics. Meanwhile, the rush of the Olympics is clearly visible in Simone Biles’ activities as she missed the euphoria of the Indy 500 with her husband.

However, before hopping in the Paris Olympic season, the gymnast was seen several times, spending leisure time in a different sport with Jonathan Owens.

A few days ago, the audience in the XL Center remained witness to the love-sharing between Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens on the courtside. The couple shared a kiss after Simone Biles was announced as the winner that evening. However, apart from gymnastics or NFL matches, the couple holds their fan love for a sport and that is basketball.

In several home matches of the Houston Rockets, Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens had been caught enjoying the contests wholeheartedly. One such remained in January when the Rockets countered the Los Angeles Lakers in the Toyota Center in Texas. Being a Texan lady, Simone couldn’t hide her joy as the home team defeated the visitors in the game.

However, the NBA authority didn’t miss the celebrity couple’s appearance in the box and later came up with a visual showcasing the couple on the stand enjoying the match together. Simone heightened the pomp in the middle of the game by flaunting a board, with the trademark “Score:10.0” sign. But in another match, the 27-year-old gymnast shifted her allegiance.

the same venue, Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens appeared after taking a break from their practice schedule to witness Steph Curry in the Toyota Arena. This time, Simone changed her color of support from the Rockets to the Golden State Warriors for her fandom over Steph. The cheeky cameraman in the match captured Simone and Jonathan again when the couple showed off all smiling, waving hands to the audience.

Meanwhile, the Biles-Owens’ cheering came into effect as the Golden State Warriors defeated the home team in the game. Now, the couple is away from each other as Simone is in WCC, taking her time in preparation. While Jonathan is en route to join his practice schedule for the Chicago Bears. But the fans can expect Jonathan Owens soon in Fort Worth, cheering for his wife from the stands.

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