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Simone Biles Pokes Back at the People Telling Her to ‘Leave’ Husband Jonathan Owens



Simone Biles is tired of the online scrutiny about her marriage to NFL player Jonathan Owens.The 27-year-old Olympic gold medalist seemingly called out the naysayers who tell her she should “leave” Owens, 28, when she posted a TikTok poking at the negative comments towards her and Owens on social media.

Biles followed the popular trend on TikTok where content creators rip off a piece of tape set to the sound of a girl’s voice saying, “This is for your mouth. Let me know if you need a bigger piece,” for her digital retort.

The decorated Olympian mouthed along to the dialogue while looking into the camera. Above her in the video, Biles wrote several of the phrases she’s used to seeing from critics of her marriage, including, “Mr. Biles,” “Simone & what’s his name again,” “leave him sis,” and “still don’t know his name.”In the caption of her post on TikTok, Biles wrote, “To all my Twitter finger friends & etc. #fyp #sorrynotsorry #mindyourbusiness.”

The disapproval of Owens from Biles’ fans began when the new Chicago Bears safety did an interview on The Pivot podcast in December calling himself “the catch” in their relationship.

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