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Simone Biles gave birth to her first child with Jonathan Owens…



Simone Biles gave birth to her first child with Jonathan Owens…

Simone Biles‘ 27th birthday celebration went without any fancy colors or glittery hues, as the gymnast shared previously. In the celebration, her loving mood toward her husband, Jonathan Owens, came out to be prominent. Furthermore, the couple’s furry babies, Rambo, Lilo, and Zeus, made the perfect attendees of the simple celebration that night in their Texan abode. However, the most decorated gymnast savored the familiar company entirely after including a few more loving faces from her inner circle in extending the celebration among those faces, the baby Biles made an aspiring attendance at all the love she usually brings. After noticing her niece at the birthday celebration, the ingenue aunt was on cloud nine. Eventually, the aunt, Simone Biles, made her IG fans witness baby Biles’s presence at the simple party. On March 18, Simone Biles shared an IG story, divulging more about her birthday celebration. But keeping everyone in awe, baby Biles aka Ronni Biles appeared on that celebration spree. The story showed the year-old niece, with a curious gaze towards her aunt, taking her time to taste a snack bar. The pacified aunt could only give out at the moment with an exchange of love. So, the story’s caption remained that way: “Cutie girl[emoji]”. Incidentally, Simone Biles’s brother Ron Biles II was also present in the visual. But for little Ronni Biles, Aunt Simone holds a special place. In previous places as well, the gymnasts shared certain spectacles. Since her birth on November 25, 2022, Ronni Biles has claimed the loving lap of her aunt. Moreover, in narrating her first meeting with the youngest member of the Biles family, Simone penned, “My precious little niece made her debut Friday. I’m so proud to be your TT & I’m excited to spoil you!” Since then, the bond strengthened between the Biles with a mixture of love and affection. However, the birthday bash went succulent for Simone Biles as well after the gathering of such homebodies. Moreover, a few more special ones came to the fore to make the birthday occasion more than a special one.

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