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Prince Harry, Kate Middleton now ‘separated’ with ‘no bridge to mend’ after Princess…



Prince Harry, Kate Middleton now 'separated' with 'no bridge to mend' after Princess…

Royal biographer describes a sad picture of the fractured relationship between Prince Harry and Kate Middleton, once known as the ‘Fab Four.’


Remembered for their easy camaraderie, Prince Harry and Kate Middleton were once called the “Fab Four” with William and Meghan by their side. Yet, a deep chill appears to have developed between the extended family. Royal biographer Emily Andrews describes a sad picture, claiming they are “separated” with “no bridge to mend” their fractured relationship. This revelation is especially sad considering Kate has been diagnosed with cancer, a period when the support of family is crucial.


‘Where has Harry been?


Harry and Princess Kate were known to have a very close bond before the Duke’s marriage to Meghan Markle. The two of them were known as the fun-loving duo who tagged along to watch games and enjoy outings with William and the kids. However, that relationship no longer exists and has only deteriorated further since the infamous Megxit. According to Andrews in the Mirror, “What has kept her going are her family and friends rallying round.” Sadly, the same cannot be said for her brother-in-law, whom she was once close to. Now faced with her darkest days, where has Harry been?

Prince Harry and Kate ‘separated’

After exiting the royal palace and stepping down from their roles as working royals, Harry and Meghan found a new home in California, USA. The buzz surrounding their exit kept the tabloids speculating until the duo released their Netflix documentary, Harry and Meghan, aimed at telling their story while taking several jabs at royal members, including Kate. The duke even made comments referring to the princess as “formal” and someone who would fit the ‘mold’.


“With his new life in the US, high-profile TV appearances and a scathing book to boot, it is unlikely that Harry’s shoulder will be one Kate has sought to cry on,” Andrews continued. “But, there lies the rub. Surely illness is one of the most powerful reasons to reunite and to put the past firmly in the history books? Instead, the wedge appears to be even larger, with no sign of a bridge to connect the pair.”


Kate, who last made a public appearance at the Trooping the Colour, is known to rely on a very small, trusted circle that includes William and the King. Reports suggest she is also growing closer to Queen Camilla these days, but the Sussexes are far from that list. Harry could have been part of it, but the way news of her cancer spread to Harry and Meghan, like to the rest of the public, highlights the strained relationship between these estranged family members.


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