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Patrick and Brittany Mahomes run away from home for a wild mini honeymoon



Patrick and Brittany Mahomes escape for the weekend to enjoy a crazy mini honeymoon while celebrating Miranda Hogue’s birthday. Brittany, the Chiefs quarterback’s wife always keeps her followers up to date with what she’s up to on social media.

This time Brittany shared on her Instagram stories pictures of her and Patrick at Miranda’s celebration. From the classic celebration with birthday decorations and toast, but also wild moments that looked like they were living a mini honeymoonBrittany and Patrick Mahomes take weekend getaway
The Mahomes family shares through social media their family time together, whether at home, on a walk or at Arrowhead Stadium, home of the NFL’sKansas City Chiefs.

Patrick and Brittany have taken advantage of the NFL off-season to take a walk and have Sterling overcome his fears and pet a wild animal while his little brother Bronze eats his veggies thanks to a clever trick from mom.

But the couple has also taken the opportunity to get away from the little ones and have some grown-up fun at Miranda Hogue’s birthday celebration.

Hogue is a close friend of Brittany and her husband, Summit Hogue, attended Texas Tech University with Patrick. Summit and Patrick have remained friends over the years, as have their wives.

In one of the images Brittany shared, she and Patrick Mahomes are seen very happy and smiling sitting at a table while drinks were flowing and Patrick with a cheeky grin was leaning on Brittany’s shoulder who was wearing a low-cut red dress.

In another image Patrick is seen wearing a somewhat quirky colorful shirt and leaning once again on Brittany’s shoulder while making some finger signals. Is it just that they always get their picture in that same pose or is it a recurring pose while partying?

The truth is that Patrick and Brittanny shared moments of fun and enjoyment as a couple, necessary to strengthen their relationship of love and trust while recharging batteries to return home relaxed and watch over the development of Sterling and Bronze.

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