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Michael Jordan and Serena Williams Make Big Announcement



Michael Jordan and Serena Williams are the two greatest athletes ever in their representative sports. It’s only natural for the two to be friends, and even more natural for the two to start creating partnerships together. Serena has now officially joined Jordan as a co-owner of Jordan’s Cincoro Tequila brand.

“Cincoro has always been special to me because of the authentic friendships we’ve established around enjoying Cincoro and spending time together, designing it, experiencing it, and tasting it,” Jordan said in a press release. “We are constantly striving for greatness, and now that we’re welcoming in some of my closest friends to the business, I’m looking forward to this next era of Cincoro alongside this all-star team.”

The tequila brand was created in 2019 when Jordan teamed up with other iconic sports stars like Jeanie Buss and Derek Jeter. There are a plethora of the highest caliber athetes representing the brand, and Williams’ presence only adds to it.

“Being part of Cincoro isn’t just about business—it’s about championing a legacy of greatness. I love Cincoro,” Williams said in a press release. “Just as I’ve strived for excellence on the court, I recognize the dedication and drive behind Cincoro and I’m thrilled to be part of the team.”

Michael Jordan may no longer be competitive on an NBA court, but he’s always finding ways to stay competitive off of it.

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