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Meghan Markle receives new ‘title’ as Prince Harry faces backlash



Meghan Markle receives new 'title' as Prince Harry faces backlash

Meghan Markle receives new ‘title’ as Prince Harry faces backlashMeghan Markle, who reportedly harbored a desire to reclaim a position within the royal family even after relocating to the US with Prince Harry, has been given new ‘title’ amid speculation about her royal role.
King Charles has seemingly taught a lesson to the Duchess of Sussex with his sensible move as he gave more value and opportunities to the working royals.Meghan Markle receives new 'title' as Prince Harry faces backlash

Meghan’s potential royal family role filled by a dedicated royal, who’s winning hearts with her devotion to the monarchy.

The Duchess of Edinburgh has been described as an “achiever” as her notable status has been made clear at official royal events.

On the other hand, Meghan has received a new “title by an expert who branded the Duchess a new name.

Royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams said in contrast to “self-obsessed” Meghan, Sophie prefers to “get on with it”.

The commentator went on: “[The Duchess of Edinburgh] is down to earth which is pivotal, but without attracting adverse publicity,” he told the Mail.

“It is Sophie who has been the achiever. In recent years she has visited Kosovo, South Sudan, Iraq and Ukraine as well as the Democratic Republic of the Congo and other African countries meeting victims of gender-based violence.

“Sophie is active on the ground in this area, as shown in her visit to Sierra Leone in 2020, which is an excellent example of what working members of the royal family can achieve.”

Fitzwilliams continued: “Her [Sophie] temperament is very different to Meghan’s. The latter, though not without talent, is self-obsessed and reportedly temperamental.”

To praise the Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh, the commentator said: “Sophie is attached to nearly 70 organisations. Meghan only had a few patronages, Harry had a few more [and] they chose to give them up to make a new life elsewhere.”

“Sophie and Edward do not seek publicity or praise. Like Princess Anne, they get on with it, are trusted, do a lot of good and not just for themselves, as the Sussexes do often appear to do.”

Meanwhile, Harry has been hit by major setback in the US as a petition to stop him from receiving an award has reached 50,000 signatures.

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