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Machine Gun Kelly declares love for Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce: “She’s a saint!”



Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) is making headlines once again, but this time it’s not for his music or his relationship with Megan Fox. The musician recently went head-to-head with rapper Trippie Redd on Hot Ones Versus and had a lot to say about Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce.

During the spicy wing-eating showdown, Redd challenged MGK to “burn that bridge by saying three mean things about Taylor Swift.” However, MGK wasn’t having any of it.”You have got to be out of your mother — in mind, if you think I want any smoke with that fanbase,” he responded, referring to Swift’s loyal followers, the Swifties.

“Taylor is a saint and very nice to me, and Travis is my bro,” MGK added, showing his admiration for both Swift and Kelce. The rapper had previously made headlines for offering Kelce $1 million in spending money if he left the Kansas City Chiefs and joined the Cleveland Browns, both Kelly and Kelce’s hometown team. Travis, Taylor, Meghan, and MGK are party buddies
This isn’t the first time MGK has expressed his admiration for Swift. The singer and Fox crossed paths with Kelce and Swift at the 2024 Super Bowl celebrations in Las Vegas earlier this year.

Speaking of Fox, the actress made a surprise appearance at MGK’s 34th birthday party, just over a month after the couple announced their split. Despite their breakup, Fox has made it clear that she still considers MGK her “soul mate” and that there will always be a connection between them.

Most recently, Fox took to Instagram to share a photo of herself without makeup, revealing that she was in the process of repairing her hair after her time at the Coachella festival. The actress looked as stunning as ever, proving that she doesn’t need makeup to shine.

As MGK continues to make headlines for his music and personal life, one thing’s for sure – he’s not afraid to speak his mind, whether it’s about his admiration for Taylor Swift or his love for Travis Kelce.

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