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Kim Kardashian’s Met Gala 2024 Look Was Designed for Drama, and It’s Getting Old



Kim Kardashian’s Met Gala 2024 look consisted of a sheer draped sparkly silver dress and a somewhat random gray knit shawl, and was designed to make her waist look about the width of a pencil. Does that make you mad? That was probably the goal.

At least, that’s what it seems like at this point. During the last few years, Kardashian has made a name for herself at fashion’s biggest night, but not for her flawless execution of a red-carpet moment designed to showcase a timeless piece of wearable art.

Instead, Kardashian has dedicated herself to outrage baiting by showing the world that she can contort her body to fit into dresses that most mere mortals cannot. By doing so, she all but ensures weeks of online discourse.

It hasn’t always been this way. Before her partnership with Kanye West, there wasn’t a world in which any Kardashian would have walked the Met Gala red carpet. In fact, many swore that if she and her sisters ever attended, their inclusion as hoi polloi reality stars, not real celebrities, would mark the end of the event’s prestige as we know it (in fact, in 2012 Page Six reported a still-unconfirmed rumor that Anna Wintour herself had banned Kardashian from attending)

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