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Kate Middleton in shock after Prince William’s unexpected move



Kate Middleton in shock after Prince William's unexpected move

Kate Middleton was in shock to learn about a woman’s demand about Prince William during a video call.
Kate Middleton in shock after Prince William's unexpected move

The Prince of Wales has been described flirting after a lady’s shock demand to share a smooch with him.

William had been visiting Scotland during the coronavirus pandemic in 2021 when he met Betty Magee at Bay Lodge Care Home in Edinburgh.

The future King discussed the playful encounter during a video call in May of that year in which he said: “I got propositioned by a 96-year-old lady called Betty yesterday who wanted to kiss me.”

William also shared shock reaction from Kate, saying: “This is what happens when I’m not around.”

The moment went newly viral on TikTok where it was liked 26k times and viewed 120k times after it was posted with the message: “BRO idk how i didnt know till today that william & catherine interviews r the most fun thing to watch THEY’RE SO FUNNY BRO I ACC CAN NOT.”

William and Magee were chatting over ice cream when the pensioner cheekily said: “It’s customary in these parts to give a lady a kiss on the cheek.”

Meanwhile, the father-of-three replied: “Oh, you are sweet. You’ll make me blush. When the rules relax more, I will come back and give you a kiss on the cheek, Betty.”

King Charles III’s eldest son told the story of meeting Betty Magee in an interview over Zoom with actors Emma Stone and Emma Thompson from the hit 2021 movie Cruella.

He said: “She’s in a care home with her daughter and I said Betty if I… nah… I’m going to get slapped on the back of her head for being, you know, inappropriate, social distancing. And she said, ‘I’ll have you afterwards then.’ She was quite a character.”

The Prince and Princess of Wales hosted a special screening of the movie for workers on Britain’s National Health Service as a thank you for their work during the COVID-19 pandemic.


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