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Jason Whitlock destroys Simone Biles: “She’s not Caitlin Clark, she’s not important”



withdrawal from Tokyo 2020
Jason Whitlock delivered a scathing response to Simone Biles following her candid revelations about withdrawing from the Tokyo Olympics in 2021. Speaking on the Call Her Daddy podcast, Biles opened up about the negative impact of social media attention on her decision, expressing:

“‘America hates me. The world is going to hate me. I can only see what they’re saying on Twitter right now.’ Usually, if you go to the Olympics and flop or whatever it is, you get people on their couch eating those little chips. I thought I was going to be banned from America, ’cause that’s what they tell you: ‘Don’t come back if not gold. Gold or bust. Don’t come back.'”In response, Whitlock didn’t mince words, drawing comparisons between Biles and Caitlin Clark, the first pick in the WNBA Draft by the Indiana Fever. He rebuffed Biles’ perceived self-importance, asserting: “She’s built up this importance of herself and does things to make herself feel important.” Whitlock underscored the transient nature of gymnasts’ relevance, remarking, “She’s a gymnast and every four years they are relevant for a two or three-week stretch.”The podcaster compares Biles with Clark
Further, Whitlock highlighted the discrepancy in public recognition between Biles and Clark, observing that while Clark garners instant recognition wherever she goes, the same cannot be said for Biles. Whitlock attributed this to the distortion of reality perpetuated by social media, noting, “It is a by-product of these young people and this new era we are living in where Twitter is their reality. It distorts reality.”

“But Simon Biles could walk by the overwhelming majority of people in an airport and they wouldn’t think twice – ‘Oh there goes a little black girl’. They just wouldn’t think twice. So they build up this importance of themselves. And then they start doing things to make themselves appear important. But in the grand scheme of things she is not important. She didn’t cut through the way when Caitlin Clark goes anywhere, people recognize her. That’s not the same for Simone Biles”.

Despite the criticism, Biles remains undeterred, gearing up for the U.S. Classic in Hartford, Connecticut, next month. Speculation abounds regarding her potential participation in the upcoming Paris Olympics, scheduled to commence on July 26. While her future plans hang in the balance, Biles’ resilience and commitment to her sport are evident, underscoring her determination to overcome challenges and continue competing at the highest level.

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