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Fans Say Travis Kelce ‘Ain’t Slick’ After Seemingly Catching Him Looking at Taylor Swift in New Video



Travis Kelce’s fans couldn’t help but tease the star NFL player when they noticed he was clearly distracted while recording a recent episode of New Heights, the podcast he co-hosts with his brother, Jason Kelce.

In an episode released on Friday, May 24, the Kansas City Chiefs tight end glanced off to the side of his camera multiple times as he and Jason discussed the topics they had planned.

Some fans who noticed Travis’ distraction shared clips of the moments online—and suggested his girlfriend, Taylor Swift, might have been the reason for his divided attention.

Another fan guessed that the person off-camera might be “a blonde cat lady holding homemade cinnamon rolls?”One fan who shared an example of Travis’ side glance on X, formerly Twitter, wrote, “boy you ain’t slick, who’s to the right of the camera .”“Tay probably making funny faces at him..,” another person suggested.

“One day Taylor is going to pop up in the background lol,” one person wrote as another predicted, “We are weeks away from one of the cats just casually walking across the screen.”

“He is so adorably distracted by Taylor,” one fan tweeted.

Travis was, “Not slick at all! But it’s so cute,” one X user wrote as another agreed, writing, “Not slick at all .”

One X user jokingly reprimanded Swift for “flirting with your bf while he’s trying to work,” though they quickly added, “He’s cute though, so I totally get it.”

Jason began Friday’s episode by acknowledging that Travis was “out of the country” and “across many different time zones,” although the brothers did not specify where exactly Travis was while recording.

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