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Fans Call Jason Kelce a ‘Troublemaker’ in ‘Unhinged’ Podcast Clip



Leave it to Jason Kelce to stir up chaos while filming his and his brother Travis Kelce’s New Heights podcast.

In a clip shared to Instagram from a previous episode of New Heights, the former Eagles center was up to no good as he and Travis were about to take a question from a fan online.

But Jason, 36, couldn’t get past the person’s X handle, @MandyAsberry, after mispronouncing their last name as if it were spelled “a–berry.” That immediately got Jason thinking about “dingleberries,” which, as Merriam-Webster defines them, are small pieces of waste stuck to the hair around a person or animal’s bum—pleasant, right?

The word can also used as a derogatory way to describe someone as foolish, and it’s even an actual berry—though we can’t speak to how appetizing they are considering the term’s other meanings. “It’s kind of like a dingleberry,” Jason quipped, making his younger brother burst into laughter.

“People with hairy a-holes know about dingleberries.” he further joked.

And he even kept the conversation going when his wife, Kylie Kelce, walked into the room. He casually turned to her and said, “What’s up, Ky? We’re talking about dingleberries.”

This, of course, made Travis, 34, roar with laughter, while Kylie, who wasn’t in the frame, didn’t seem surprised at all by her husband’s antics.

“Are you talking about your a-hole hair on the podcast right now?” she wondered, while Travis chimed in to say, “Ky, we got to get Jason some wet wipes.”

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