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Fans backlash Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift relationship



Taylor Swift fans outraged as she’s blamed for Travis Kelce’s Chiefs loss

Some fans have reacted negatively to Taylor Swift’s presence at Travis Kelce’s football games and her perceived influence on his performance ¹ ² ³. Here are some reasons why some fans are unhappy with their relationship:
– *Distracting presence*: Taylor Swift’s attendance at games has led to media attention, which some fans believe is distracting from the game itself.
– *Influence on performance*: Some fans attribute Travis Kelce’s losses to his relationship with Taylor Swift, suggesting she is a distraction or bad luck.
– *Overemphasis on celebrity*: Some fans feel that the media focus on Taylor Swift’s presence at games overshadows the sport itself and the athletes’ achievements.
– *Conservative backlash*: Some conservative fans have criticized the couple’s perceived liberal views and actions, such as Travis Kelce’s support for Colin Kaepernick and Taylor Swift’s advocacy for LGBTQ+ rights.
– *Jealousy and possessiveness*: Some fans may feel possessive of Travis Kelce as a public figure and resent Taylor Swift’s presence in his life.
– *Media frenzy*: The high-profile nature of the relationship has led to extensive media coverage, which some fans find excessive or intrusive.

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