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Diddy used again over alleged sex trafficking



Diddy used again over alleged sex trafficking

A woman named Adria English claims the rapper groomed her into sex trafficking, in documents pres
ented by TMZDiddy used again over alleged sex trafficking

Sean “Diddy” Combs is again in middle of controversy after new allegations describe him as a sex trafifcker. Former porn star Adria English explains how she was forced to engage in sexual acts with some of his attendees at his renowned parties, according to the lawsuit she has filled.

TMZ obtained the lawsuit documents and they address English met Diddy around 2004, when her boyfriend at the time was auditioning for a modeling gig for Sean John. Diddy’s BAehaviour started to become odd from the outset.

Things started to get weird after her boyfriend was obliged to perform oral sex on Diddy if he wanted to secure the job. Apparently, the same thing happened to another model. Both of them refused.

For their surprise, another offer arrived. Diddy’s associate wanted English to perform as a go-go dancer at their upcoming party in the Hamptons.

This time they agreed and she worked for him during Labor Day weekend in 2004. The documents that TMZ got access to included photos of her at the event. Since that event took place, Adria performed at other parties where she claims was required to consume alcohol and other substances like ecstasy. Flirting with guests was also part of the job.

At the very beginning of their “professional relationship” she did not have to engage in any sexual activities with nobody, but over time that situation changed as she was “groomed” into sex trafficking. Everything escalated after Diddy told her to have sex with Jacob Arabov, known as “Jacob the Jeweler” in hip hop industry.
According to the lawsuit, filed by attorneys Ariel Mitchell-Kidd, Esq. and Steven Metcalf, Esq., she had “forced sexual intercourse” with him and was paid an additional $1,000 on top of her usual payment for working Diddy’s parties.
Since that awful moment, her situation got worse and worse and got sexually assaulted at other Diddy’s parties.
A woman named Tamiko Thomas also appears on the lawsuit. She is accused of facilitating the trafficking operation, comparing her to Ghislaine Maxwell.

Adria states that she has suffered emotional trauma, including intimacy issues and painful memories, as a result of the alleged sex trafficking.

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