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Coco Gauff’s Coach’s Call for a Serious Action Backfires After Fans Use the Occasion to Criticize American’s Shortcomings



This isn’t the first time that he has been put in the limelight for his actions. A month ago he pointed out that the umpires and wrongly interpreting the marks on the courts and highlighted the need for Hawkeye on clay.

Coco Gauff‘s coach, Brad Gilbert has a unique ability to draw masses with his tweets! The 62-year-old tennis coach is often seen coming up with new ideas and sharing his opinions on different aspects of the game. Recently, Gilbert was spotted sharing his thoughts on an incident involving Paula Badosa at her match against Coco Gauff. Gauff defeated the Spaniard by a 5-7,6-4,6-1 margin in the R16 of the Italian Open. But Gilbert didn’t look too impressed with Badosa’s actions during the match. He accused her of intentionally catching her ball tosses to delay her serve. And fans had a field day with his responseBrad Gilbert put up a tweet stating, “You have heard me say this so many times, catching your on ball toss on serv is should not be allowed. How can u catch 3 tosses in a row and not at least get time violation is beyond ridiculous, also allowing 45 catches in a match and nothing in rules is mind-boggling. And such disadvantage to returner.” After seeing this reaction tennis fans came out in numbers to take a jibe at the legendary coach.One suggested to him that he should perhaps now be more concerned with his player, Coco Gauff, who should rather work on making her not hit 50 double faults per match. They also took a slight dig at Gauff through his tweet, “Maybe you should focus on making Gauff not hit 50 double faults per match?? Lmao. Worst top 3 of all time.“

A player can catch the ball for multiple reasons including windy weather conditions. And if we look at the weather conditions during their match, it was clearly a bit windy, so perhaps this can be a major reason for Badosa’s actions. “Well, you just want to change the rules you don’t like. There are several reasons to catch your ball on toss (today was a bit windy, for example), noting wrong with that!“

Brad Gilbert once revealed that he was bombarded with messages calling for him to “fix” Coco Gauff’s forehand. Another fan highlighted that he should rather be looking to fix those things than just criticizing the opponents. “I suggest you focus more on fixing that shocking FH and non existing serve than nitpicking at the opponent.“

Some of the fans even put up a few stats that displayed Gauff committing 168 double faults in her 28 matches this season. Showing those stats he reminded Gilbert, “i think you should have better things to do right now right?“

Others pointed out that he shouldn’t be doing all these things while coaching a professional tennis star like, Coco Gauff. The fan felt he shouldn’t be allowed to do these things, “Coaching a professional player and coming here with comments about her opponents shouldn’t be allowed either!“

Another felt that this complaint was quite absurd, and this is not something that they feel should be taken as seriously. “I’ve never thought this is serious like who tf cares.“

“Absolutely ridiculous” – Coco Gauff’s coach calls out for an important change in the game
This incident happened in a match between Holger Rune and Jannik Sinner at the 2024 Monte Carlo Masters. Relating to a controversial call during the match, Brad Gilbert highlighted, “So frustrating this day in age. And I say it all the time, absolutely ridiculous we don’t have replays for incidentals and Hawkeye on clay. Unless obvious umpires so often now interpreting the mark wrong and find wrong marks late in sets.“

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