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Alex Rodríguez reveals that he gave Pat Mahomes the ‘worst advice ever’: ‘Quit football and play baseball’



Alex Rodríguez reveals that he gave Pat Mahomes the ‘worst advice ever’: ‘Quit football and play baseball’

A-Rod met Patrick Mahomes when he was a child in the Rangers clubhouse with his father

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback, three-time NFL MVP, and Super Bowl champion Patrick Mahomes is now considered one of the best in the league’s history. However, things could’ve changed as he grew up around baseball and wanted to emulate his father.

Mahomes recently revealed in a Times interview that his heart was always with baseball. Growing up in the MLB environment, as his father played during 11 seasons in the Majors, he was drawn to the lifestyle of a professional ballplayer.

The legendary and controversial Alex Rodríguez played with Mahomes Sr. in the Texas Rangers during the 2001 MLB season, and the former Yankees player told the Times in that same piece that maybe he gave the future NFL star ‘the worst advice ever’ back then when he met him as a child.

A-Rod had just signed the biggest contract in sports history at that time with the Texas Rangers, with a massive 10-year, $252 million deal, and he recalls that he said to the young Pat Mahomes to keep his father’s footsteps in baseball and quit playing football, saying that ‘money was in MLB.’

Patrick Mahomes has always had the heart of a champion. I remember Pat as a young kid, coming to practice with his dad to tee up baseballs for me and my teammate. I distinctly remember giving him the worst advice ever. ‘Don’t play football. The money’s in baseball.’ I’m happy to be wrong and glad he didn’t listen! Patrick has transcended the game of football to become one of the most respected athletes of all time, both on and off the field.

Mahomes was an outstanding athlete in High School, playing football, baseball, and basketball simultaneously at Whitehouse High School in Texas.

He committed to Texas Tech University to play football, but at the same time, he was a high baseball prospect as the Detroit Tigers selected him in the 37th round of the 2014 MLB Draft, but he did not sign, as he pursued football instead.

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